Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why Wait for a Trial?

How long must we wait to try and convict Destiny Blande? Each passing day only makes her victims’ families suffer, waiting for resolution.

According to Fox News last night, at least 44 murders are now attributed to the Satin Strangler. Men up and down the eastern seaboard have been victimized. And how do we react to this brutality? Well, of course, we host the killer comfortably in a country club prison on ocean front property.

The pathetic reality is that New Jersey repealed the death penalty in December, 2007, so why are we wasting time there anyway. We’re letting a serial murderer sit around in a state prison system where the annual cost per prisoner runs $40,000 per year. Several states are lined up to try this animal for her heinous crimes, but New Jersey’s incompetence is blocking the way. Let Virginia and Georgia get their chance at the Satin Strangler. They have the right idea on this one. Fry her and be done with it. Let’s save the taxpayers money.

Let’s get moving with the legal process, New Jersey. A murder conviction is inevitable, and already long overdue.


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